Our History

Welcome to CBOM Apparel where we believe that everyone should represent their PEACE, LOVE, & POSITIVITY!!! This company was created during the pendemic 2020. Everyday you would see and hear negativity and as I was working at the hospital, I realized that people needed words of encouragement and uplift during these times and that is when I created my Youtube: cynth's boost of motivation; which is where CBOM Apparel was created.

My name is Cynthia and I am the CEO and founder of this brand. In 2021 I lost my vision due to Diabetes and currently I am disabled, but that does not define who I am. I am a person that has always viewed life in a positive way even during my tough times and that is what this brand represents. Great designs, colors, and quotes that you can wear proudly and can display to others who need some type of encouragement. With this brand I want to help you represent your positivity, but at the same time you are helping someone who needs it when you wear the brand. At the end of the day PEACE, LOVE, POSITIVITY is what life is all about. We are the change of the world and I hope my product is worn proudly and helps as many people as I can reach.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create clothing that embraces your confidence, positivity and motivation. Empowering self expression through our clothing brand and our community. Your satisfaction is our main priority.